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There is an argument going around right now about whether or not the "Nolan" style superhero(ism) is being over done and people may be getting sick of it. I read there needs to be more variety. Well if you like variety you will love Guardians of the Galaxy. I am very hard on the movies I watch from being too technical, to on screen chemistry. Here I will give you the good and the bad of Guardians.

Where else should I start then with Chris Pratt. His imdb page has him listed with 36 titles to his name at this point in his career, including the beloved parks and recreation. However Chris was made for this role. Guardians was very funny and Chris Pratt brought his "A" Game with this one. He almost seem to be at ease in this role and when you can find someone who can not only become the character but be at ease playing his role you have a winner. His chemistry with his green companion Zoe Saldana was a great one. Zoe is amazing in anything she does and you know this too so I don't need to try to convince you. Vin Diesal's one line and a lot of yelling was expected because of previous interviews and of course the comic books. Bradly Cooper was great as rocket. I have to admit though. I turned to my wife at one point in time and said, "I thought Bradly Cooper was the voice of Rocket." It didn't sound like him at all. So props to them if they were trying to achieve something else.

More good...Special effects were spectacular. We are at that point in our movie history where all special effects are amazing in almost every movie. From "Interstellar" to this movie special effects are expected and they have been mastered. I will admit the dialogue was very tight. Very well done and the timing of everything was perfect.

Now the bad...

Dave Batista, I am not sure why he quit wwe wrestling however I do know he should stick with it. There is a special delivery that you have to give in order to be believable and Batista had none of that. His delivery was one of the worst I have seen. Even when it was suppose to be funny, I didn't feel the need to laugh. Even when He is talking about his wife and child in the movie I felt no conviction in his particular situation and therefore I felt very disconnected from his character and especially upset with him in one part of the movie.

Next would be plot and storyline. I realize we have had a surplus of comic book movies in the last decade and these story lines have been setup in other movies. But this one involved another infinity stone. So now there is three out of five. But this story involved one of the weakest story lines to date with an infinity stone. Thor the Dark World has the by far the better story line when it comes to the infinity stones. So the expectations were high knowing that this movie involved yet another stone. But for me it fell flat.

I am going to leave it on a high note. The reason I give it 8.5 stars is because of the all-star cast that delivered and the comedy. What story they did have they delivered nicely and the full introduction of Thanos was beautifully done. And we can expect amazing things in the future. I loved Guardians and will be adding it to my collection.


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