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The movie (and TV) industry has a long history of taking a theme that worked one time and using it over and over. It's been done so much it seems to have become the norm, it's difficult to find a movie with no terrible cliches but hey, if you're looking to watch a snore fest with white guys playing the parts of people of colour, or maybe even a story about an ugly guy who's married to a beautiful woman who is constantly demonized, then boy are you in luck.

1. White people playing Egyptians

Christian Bale as Moses in Exodus: Gods and Kings
Christian Bale as Moses in Exodus: Gods and Kings

I often wonder who does the casting for these movies, who sits down to brainstorm who to hire to play an Egyptian person and comes up with a white man from Wales?

'Shall I hire an actor from Egyptian descent like Rami Malek to play this egyptian?' 'hahaha, nah man just hire a white guy so our movie is more popular'

White movie directors all over the world jump to defend their choices to be disrespectful to other people's cultures by saying oh it's just a movie etc. etc.

Whereas when people thought it would be a good idea for spider-man to be black, all hell broke loose. That's right, these people care more about a fictional dude with spidey powers who just happened to be drawn white, than they do about real people's race.

Whether it be this 2014 flop Exodus: Gods and Kings , or the 1963 'classic' Cleopatra starring Elizabeth Taylor , it seems there's end in sight for these race erasing and culture appropriating pieces of trash.

2. The only black character dying after 0.2 seconds

Edi Gathegi as Darwin in X-Men: First Class
Edi Gathegi as Darwin in X-Men: First Class

Are you the only main black character in your movie or show?

If so then I am so, so sorry.

This was the case for the oh so promising Darwin in X-Men: First Class

He was a mutant who had the power of reactive evolution, causing his body to adapt to survive in any environment he was in. That's right, he was literally designed to survive through anything, but can you guess who was one of the first to die? That's right, our man Darwin right here. Don't worry, I don't get it either.

3. Women and non-white characters dying to fuel the main white protagonist's man pain.

The Death of Gwen Stacy
The Death of Gwen Stacy

Whether it's any character in Supernatural who isn't brought back from the dead multiple times or Spider-man's lovers dying to fuel his tight lycra man pain, this is a painfully unnecessary trope. It seems a large amount of female characters, and especially black characters are only there as an accessory to the white guy's character development. Gross.

4. Dumb Blondes

Kaley Cuoco as Penny in The Big Bang Theory
Kaley Cuoco as Penny in The Big Bang Theory

A woman who is interested in her physical appearance as well as being smart like the other male characters? impossible!!

At least that's what the writers of shows such as The Big Bang Theory think. This trope has been used for far too long, the woman being used as the butt of the joke because she hasn't heard of a rare comic from 1942 like the others elitist geek scrotums.

Writers of these shows seem to believe that only males can be interested in 'geek culture' like when the girls of the big bang theory walk into a comic book store and everyone is shocked to see a girl somewhere like that. Of course Penny picked out a Thor magazine just because 'he's hot' and it was made into a joke, because of course males NEVER pick a comic because the character in is hot isn't that right guys? I mean it's not like EVERY female hero/villain is in a completely sexualised and impractical costume with little to no armor just for the satisfaction of males right haha.

The Big Bang Theory is simply an amplification of the sexism that reigns over today’s media trying to justify itself as comedy.

5. Sexualised female costumes

Michelle Pfeiffer as Catwoman
Michelle Pfeiffer as Catwoman

hey you know what i should wear to go sneak around like a cat and defeat people with amazing agility? A glorified gimp suit! said NOBODY , EVER!

Batman gets high tech equipment and body armour. what does catwoman get? Spandex.

This is actually ridiculous Who would do this? This would constrict her body movements so much, and let's not even talk about trying to run in those high heeled boots they gave her, i hope batman is willing to visit her when she breaks her ankle because the costume designer wanted to appeal to all the gross men who watched to see an uncomfortable woman trying to do stunts without ripping off her tit skin when it stuck to the costume material.

When will they realize that women can look badass in costumes that also protect them and help with body movements and DON'T involve their chest being put on show during battle for any bad guy to put a bullet right through into their heart?

6. Below average sexist male with attractive wife

rules of engagement
rules of engagement

I think the entire careers of people like Vince Vaughn and Kevin James are perfect examples of this trope.

Turn on your TV and turn to any comedy show situated around a couple, 9 out 10 times it will a gross hairy guy with an attractive wife. The guy will be cheered for getting a girl 'out of his league' yet if there's a woman who is viewed as slightly unattractive has a husband who is has a six pack and goes to the gym then she's constantly asked 'how did she manage it' 'don't you want to get fit for him?' or the top insult 'are you scared he'll leave you for someone prettier?' because god forbid that their relationship is built on feelings and not physical appearances like if the dynamic was the other way around like we seen in every sitcom in the 90s.

When a woman gets someone out of her league she's basically shamed for it yet when a guy does the same he's rewarded. stop this.

7. Transformation scenes

She's All That
She's All That

Ah the story of true high school love. Unpopular girl likes sporty guy and all she needs to do to get him to like her back is completely change her appearance (bonus points if it's geek to chic), interests, cup size, and personality. Which of course she'll do all for just the attention of a boy she'll get to date for a month before they leave school to go to different colleges thousands of miles away from each other.

These movies have caused generations of young people to think that in order to make themselves truly happy they need to be in love, and to be in love they have to change everything about themselves just so someone they're not compatible with will like them back.

Not only is this trope aimed at females but there are little to no male movies about transformation, the males are always the character to be won over, never the one who has to change his flaws.

8. Main White Male Leading Characters

Breadcrumb Custardbath & Martin Freeman in Sherlock
Breadcrumb Custardbath & Martin Freeman in Sherlock

White men are still king of the silver screen with lead roles going to just 26% of women and 11% of minorities

Oh yeah i love that show with the 5 white guys in it, you know that one with the constantly hinted at slight homoerotic friction but never actually features anything but a straight guy.

Sill need more hints as to what one i'm talking about?


There's just too many to name, whether it's Indiana Jones, Star Wars, Sherlock, supernatural, or mostly any other shows or movies with big success rates, there will always be a white male lead and a complete disregard for any other gender or sexuality.

For instance the doctor in BBC's Doctor Who has the ability to regenerate as any race or gender, but has so far only regenerated as a white guy.

He could even regenerate as a powerful asexual creature with 10 tentacles and the power to control peoples minds but it seems that would just be too exciting for this show dedicated to the display of cockiness from white guys.

Doctor Who 13 Regenerations Credit to
Doctor Who 13 Regenerations Credit to

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