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When it comes to comic book movies and prestigious industry awards, the interactions between the two are few and far between. Most nominations for comic book films rest within the visual effects area, as they did when Spider-Man 2 won the Oscar for Best Visual Effects in 2004; but that's about to change.

Today, the Writer's Guild of America released the official list of 2014 nominees, with one of their highest honors nominating a rather out-of-bounds contender: alongside [Nightcrawler](movie:938302), [Gone Girl](movie:833123) , and [Boyhood](movie:989626), [Marvel](channel:932254)'s [Guardians of the Galaxy](movie:424073) received a nomination for Best Adapted Screenplay. WHOO!

"Awwww yeaaahhhh."
"Awwww yeaaahhhh."

The honor shows an evident progression in the quality of comic book movies, where films don't simply fall under 'action' anymore. Space operas, espionage thrillers, heist films, and a planned dive into further variety, it seems as though studios are making the dedicated effort to bring superheroes into a wide range of genres that suit every viewer.

This is a huge achievement for comic book films, especially during a time when the genre is exploding with growth. Over twenty separate comic book-inspired films are set to grace our movie theaters for the next five years, which means that these franchise films need to deliver fresh, new content and ideas to fans in order to risk over-saturation.

Will comic book movies make it back to the Oscars? Nominees for the 2015 show are set to be announced on January 15th, so it shouldn't be long before we find out whether or not the films of 2014 were strong enough contenders.


Do you think comic book movies have a place at the Oscars?


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