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Delisa Elizabeth

This movie was absolutely amazing to say the least. I have been a big Leonardo DiCaprio fan since the 7th grade, this movie was perfect for him.
I feel like I’m late reviewing this movie since it came out in 2013 but whatever, this movie blew my mind.

I just saw this movie a week ago and I loved it so much. 4 out of 5 times a movie based off of a true story is generally good but there is always that 1 movie based off of a true story that sucks balls, this was not that movie.

The movie is based off the rise and fall of the infamous stock-broker Jordan Belfort. I can’t even imagine anyone else playing Jordan than Leonardo DiCaprio.

I honestly don’t know why I waited THIS long to watch this masterpiece.
Every actor in this movie was amazing, I loved the movie from start to finish. The movie didn’t feel like a 180 minute long movie, I honestly didn’t want it to end.

From the moment I watched the movie I became sucked into it, I fell in love with the characters, the story line, I wanted to know everything about everyone (not many movies make me feel that way).

I do believe the last Leonardo DiCaprio movie I saw was The Great Gatsby and I didn’t care for it. I felt the original was way better.

Overall this movie was amazing and if you haven’t seen it, please go rent it or watch it on Netflix/Amazon Prime.

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