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Ant-man! Ant-Man! ANT-MAN!! That's the name that everyone and their mother should be familiar with today! Marvel is making sure you know who Ant-Man is, specifically the Scott Lang version. They want you to know his favorite food, his choice of fancy apparel, even what Daytime Soap Operas he enjoys! It's all to get you prepared for when the film premieres this July.

Well now Marvel has another way to get Scott Lang as part of your top five; a brand new comic book! Ant-Man #1 is the first in a new comic series centered on the Scott Lang version of Ant-Man. The story is pretty good; it's funny and well-executed! The only problem I have with it is a personal one. I grew up with Hank Pym being the hero and Scott Lang being in the background for the most part.

Hank Pym. The original Ant-Man!
Hank Pym. The original Ant-Man!

Knowing kids today will grow up thinking Scott Lang is the best [Ant-Man](movie:9048) just discomforts me a bit. But I like Scott, he's a funny character with an interesting background, so at least the children of today will be growing up with a great hero wearing the mask! This comic is a definite must-buy for those interested in getting to know more about Scott Lang.

Scott during his stint with the Fantastic Four.
Scott during his stint with the Fantastic Four.

But if you're already well aware of Scott Lang and his origins, and are worried that he's getting a complete backstory rehaul in this new series; don't worry. Everything about Scott Lang's definitive origins have been left the same; more or less. The character himself has gotten a bit of a change. In FF, a comic series by Matt Fraction and Michael Allred, Scott was an inspiration. He had troubles, coping with his daughters untimely death and was a bit of a distant character. But eventually, he goes on to become the role model and caretaker of a group of gifted youngsters that had been adopted by the Fantastic Four. It was a touching story.

But all of a sudden, his personality is given a complete makeover (and not the good kind). He becomes this broke, down on his luck character with no connection to any of the superheroes he once united with. He goes from being this inspirational character with a heartwarming story to a schmuck who can barely keep his act together.

This is of course because the character in the film starts off as a down on his luck, broke schmuck. So it would make sense for the personality of the character in the comic to coincide with the personality of the character in the film.

All in all, this is a great strategy that Marvel has thought up. Not only is the comic incredibly well done, but it's also the perfect way to get people familiar with the character that is Scott Lang! As a nostalgic and a fan of the original Hank Pym and his adventures, I of course would like it better if Hank was in the spotlight. But since it's apparent that Scott is the Ant-Man Marvel wants us to love, this comic helps people like me get more familiar with this admittedly interesting character.

So whether you're a fan of Scott or not, I recommend this comic; if only to prepare you for Scott Lang's escapades in theaters July 2015! So go pick up Ant Man #1 from your nearest comic-selling store! Or, if you prefer digital comics, follow this link to Comixology and be prepared to throw your money at the screen!


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