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My name is Corrie. I live in a delightful place called "my own little world" where I am an Irish, dragon taming, demon fighting, time travel
Corrie Donahue

So super excited about my latest painting!!! I absolutely adore Martin Freeman. As all my friends know…he’s basically my kindred spirit, even if he isn’t aware. :) The similarities between us are abundant, and I feel as if our souls were made of the same stuff. He just makes me so so happy…and I have a very special place in my heart for his dear character Bilbo. Out of all the people in this world I’d love to meet, he’s definitely at the top of the list. Maybe someday. :)

When I acquired this lovely piece of black slate, I felt like something dear to my heart needed to go on it. So I chose this. :) It was quite the challenge! (Painting on slate is not without its difficulties.) I had so much fun with it though.

Anyway… ^_^ I hope those who see it like it. Feel free to check me out on facebook (Corrie Donahue: Art)


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