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Back in 2011, Nike released completely unwearable (but totally awesome) replicas of the Nike Powerlace shoes that Doc brown gives Marty McFly in Back to the Future II. Despite the shoes being really collectible pieces more than anything else, the auctions for the items were massively successful, climbing into the thousands in final costs.

Now, in 2015, the year of our savior Marty McFly, we're finally getting the kicks that we were promised back in the 80's.

Forget tying your shoes! Or velcro.
Forget tying your shoes! Or velcro.

While the news isn't surprising to the fans (read: me) who have been obsessively following it, the official confirmation of release sure is a radical thing.

We haven't been given an official release date, designer Tinker Hatfield reassured audience members at the conference that there are "11 and two-thirds months left in 2015," and sounded confident that the shoes would be finsihed before the end of the year.

That's Not The Only Back to the Future Staple Coming Out This Year!

Hendo Hoverboard
Hendo Hoverboard

This, of course, comes on the tail of the Hendo Hoverboard being completely funded on Kickstarter, a campaign that closed with double the necessary funds for completion. After Christopher Lloyd himself broke our hearts with last year's hoverboard hoax, seeing the iconic board finally come to life thanks to brilliant engineers is just amazing.

Wifi Video Chat is Also a Thing

Just turn on your camera, McFly. You chicken?
Just turn on your camera, McFly. You chicken?

Another great staple of Back to the Future lore is now a part of our everyday lives - from video chat sites like Omegle to the portable services that Skype and Google Hangouts offer, we're now connected just like Old Marty was when he got fired! Hooray, wifi firing!

Wait, no. Please don't fire me.

We Actually Had Video Ordering Before Back to the Future Came Out

Beyond just video chatting, humanity already had video chat-integrated restaurant services for your food needs - if you wanted to eat at Disney's Epcot park, of course.

Back in 1982, Disney launched the WorldKey Kiosks and made a huge deal about the futuristic functionality of computer-based ordering systems. While guests couldn't exactly order up a slick pepsi, they did get to chat with a Disney liason and make reservations at any restaurant in Epcot.

Back to the Future II took this idea and brought it to one of Hill Valley's neighborhood hotspot restaurants, where automated versions of pop culture and historical icons took orders via video chat.

Actually we still very much need roads. So.
Actually we still very much need roads. So.

While we may not have easy access to time machines right now, we certainly have a fair amount of the tech that exists in Hill Valley's 2015. We exist in a world where you can now use cardboard to create a virtual reality headset, and can connect with people around the world using a 5-inch tall telephone. Sure, we don't have flying cars, but I'd say we're getting there!


What's the one thing from Back to the Future that you wish we had right now?


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