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If you've watched [The Flash](series:1068303), you'll remember that the Weather Wizard was Barry's first supervillain, as played by Chad Rook. But there was, of course, a difference from the comics fans were quick to point out. That was Clyde Mardon - not Mark Mardon, the most popular Weather Wizard from the comics. This led to a lot of speculation, and, indeed, at one fan Q and A, it was addressed, with one of the producers responding, "who do you think was flying the plane?"

Now, with fans trying to guess when he would return, Punkd_images on Instagram leaked a set photo and the casting news, and multiple other outlets have since reported the news.

Liam McIntyre will play Mark Mardon in episode 15, making him one of the rather many Spartacus actors which have made the jump to the Arrow and Flash universe. The leaked image description describes the episode as:

Mark Mardon, brother to Clyde Mardon, returns to Central City to get justice for his brother’s untimely death. Mark uses his powers, similar to Clyde’s ability to control the weather, to go on a rampage to find the man that shot Clyde…Joe West.

Interestingly, Chad Rook a.k.a. Clyde Mardon appears to be on set as well, despite being shot dead in the pilot and that confirmed in the episode description. More than likely, given the flexibility of The Flash's flashbacks we might be seeing some of Marc's past, or a redo of the scene where their plane appears to disintegrate.

This means that by episode 15 we will have a hugely expansive villain roster from the Flash rogues gallery, ranging from Professor Zoom, to The Trickster, the Pied Piper, Captain Cold, Heatwave, Weather Wizard, and Gorilla Grodd confirmed. Now all I really need is Mirror Master and we'll go from there.

And, just after I posted this article, I saw this (below), giving us our first look at the Pied Piper, as well as Captain Cold and Heatwave. Enjoy.


Are you excited to see Weather Wizard return/come anew to The Flash?


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