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Did you have a lukewarm response to the recent teaser for Marvel's upcoming Ant-Man? I personally did, and I know I'm not alone! While the marketing campaign thus far has been pretty clever and unique, the trailer left a lot to be desired on my end. The biggest issue? It was actually the music.

I thought I was going nuts thinking that, but a fan recently cut together an edit of the teaser trailer with different music and wow. Such a small change made a BIG difference; the feels are definitely better in this one for sure. The swap in tone happens around the 1:16 mark. Check it out!

Here's the original for comparison:

If you think about it, the very idea of Ant-Man is pretty ridiculous on paper compared to most other comic book superheroes. Even the name is funny. It's an outside-the-box idea (similar to Guardians of the Galaxy) that works best when played up as something super upbeat. So when you pair the concept of Ant-Man with an ominous, ultra-serious soundtrack, it doesn't feel right. That's what I took away from the official teaser; the visuals and shifts in tone just didn't match up with the music. It all just felt uncomfortably off kilter.

The fan edit, on the other hand, works well and I love it for two reasons: In addition to the more spritely soundtrack being a better fit, I also enjoyed the additions of new title cards emphasizing the director's comedic background. It makes sense! Why hire Paul Rudd as the lead and Peyton Reed to direct if you're not going to showcase their humor and fun?

Ant-Man is not a character we should be taking that seriously, and the trailer does even get a bit meta with the dialogue. Paul Rudd's slightly bemused "Huh" after Douglas implores him to become the Ant-Man, and the "Is it too late the change the name?" line suggests that the film is likely going to be poking a bit of fun at itself in upbeat fashion. Hopefully the actual soundtrack will follow suit.

I honestly consider the official Ant-Man teaser to be the worst one Marvel has released to date. Every other teaser for each prior film in their cinematic universe has been solid thus far, but this one? Unfortunately, it had a slightly bitter aftertaste thanks to some really weird tonal issues. Shame, because Paul Rudd is all kinds of awesome.


Do you think the music in the fan edited Ant-Man teaser made any difference?


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