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Frederick FatherChocolate Crew

You guessed it! Marvel announced that Daredevil will premiere on Netflix on 10 April 2015! That's almost a month before Avengers: Age of Ultron! I am so excited!

I'm not saying that we'll get a Daredevil cameo or mention in the movie or anything, all though that would be awesome!

We will be in for a surprise though. It was said that Kingpin's tragedy will be a focus too. Just as much as Daredevil's origin.

We will get his 13 episode season before we see the Avengers get smoked by Ultron haha. A new side to the MCU will be explored and that's the vigilante side. I'm really hyped! I hope it's as good as Arrow!

What the trailer should do.

The Man Without Fear
The Man Without Fear

I'd imagine we'll be getting a trailer next month if not next week. This trailer needs to attract casual movie goers. Marvel knows that fans like us will watch it, but make people go like "Hey that looks cool, why not?

The trailer shouldn't give too much away though. Just get us more hyped!


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