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Well, this past episode was worth the wait. Neil Patrick Harris was incredible in this show. I hope he ends up in other seasons now. I've always been a fan and he definitely didn't disappoint me. [American Horror Story](series:206668): Freak Show Episode 11 "Magical Thinking" was extremely messed up. If you have yet to watch this episode, do not read any further because you'll be spoiled.


Neil Patrick Harris plays a mentally disturbed magician with a creepy ass ventriloquist doll named Marjorie. I was so excited when I heard the doll's voice for the first time because it was Jamie Brewer's! I loved her as Addie from Murder House and Nan from Coven. She's such a badass. Both the doll and his relationship with the doll are giving homage to a classic horror movie called Dead of Night (1945). The film includes a bunch of separate little horror stories, but the one with the ventriloquist dummy is the scariest. Basically, the dummy does a bunch of bad stuff and controls the man, but of course no one believes it's the dummy. The whole thing is really messed up. American Horror Story took it a step further because it could. I loved the scene with Jamie dressed up as Marjorie stabbing one of the women that Chester was accused of murdering, so disturbing!

Another thing I enjoyed about this episode was some more character development. It was nice to see Jimmy and Dell have a nice father/son moment. I never have forgiven Dell for murdering Ma Petite though. No blackmailing in the world should have made him do that. Who cares if the guy was going to tell everyone that you like guys? Ma Petite was adorable and didn't deserve to be smothered and put on display to humiliate her in death! That is unforgivable and it was nice to see Elsa has such a nice shot. I also liked how clever Dandy was this episode.

I'm really looking forward to next weeks episode. More Chester and Marjorie will be awesome, but I honestly can't wait to see a bit of the Axe Man again. I don't know what it is about that actor and I'm far too young, but that man is very sexy. Maybe it's the chemistry he has with Jessica Lange? They're great together! I loved that he was the guy they chose to have play the guy who gave her legs again. Those two are perfection.

What did you think of this episode? Are you a fan of having Neil Patrick Harris as part of the American Horror Story cast? Are you looking forward to next week's episode? American Horror Story: Freak Show airs again on FX next week Wednesday.


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