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The mind of a child is a weird and wonderful place. Their wee brains store huge imaginations, allowing them to create environments and situations far beyond anything us adults could think up.

Despite children's imaginations being far superior to ours, one talented film maker has tried to visualize what it must be like in the everyday life of a toddler by showing us in video form! The result is one extremely cute short film.

Take a look at the highlights, before watching the whole thing at the bottom:

The video starts off with a young boy on a walk with his stick

Nothing to see here, just a little boy taking his stick on a walk...

But all of a sudden a wild trail of coins appears!

Increase your score, collect the coins!

Suddenly the stick is a wand and blasting a green shell out of the way!

Nothing stands in the way of a toddler on a mission!

And lastly a 1up pops up ensuring many more rounds in this young dude's imagination

Seriously though, I think toddlers must have a whole bunch of 1ups stored, how else do you explain their resilience!

Watch the whole 44 second video below:


What game do you wish you could play in real life?

Source: Vimeo via Sploid


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