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Graffiti is often accused of destroying the look and reputation of a city, but nobody could say that Russian artist Nikita Nomerz hasn't made everything he's sprayed look ten times better.

In a quirky project named 'The Living Wall,' Nomerz wittily infuses unloved buildings with a personality of their very own and often literally puts a smile on the face of a perviously desolate landscape.

Take a look at some of his most arresting creations in the list below. All works are presented with the artist's own titles.

The Tooth Man

Using scattered bricks as an unsightly set of gnashers is nothing short of genius.

The Three Brothers

You know this area is safe with these three valiant nights looking over it!

Monster House

The most monstrous thing to me here is that this strikingly beautiful building has been abandoned. The building itself doesn't look too impressed either.

The Glutton

Dare you pass the wild, hungry eyes to the bunker beneath?

The Big Brother

When you realize the scale of this colossal big bro, it becomes even more impressive!

Mr. Barrel

I think Mr. Barrel forgot to take his meds this morning...

Three Faces

Is anyone else getting a Thomas the Tank Engine vibe from these dudes?

The Monster

It might have hundreds of teeth, but this monster is still kind of adorable.


Let's just say all the surrounding neighbors would be rudely awoken if I bumped into this one on a dark night!

Tower Man

It's lucky this dude is so tall with a beard like that.

The Eyes of the City

He's watching...


How do you feel about Nikita Nomerz's graffiti?

(Source: Sploid via Nikita Nomerz)


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