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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
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Theme parks are supposed to be places of fun and laughter... but what happens to them when the people are gone and their only patrons are the ghosts of faded laughter?

Many grand dreams and designs end up nothing more than a crumbling relic, a husk of a once-grand attraction. Check out 7 abandoned theme parks that are bringing some AHS: Freak Show by way of Tobe Hooper's Funhouse carnivalesque creepiness...

1. Spreepark, Berlin

The story behind this demented dino-park is weirder than any fiction: the owner, hit by bankruptcy in 2002, tried to smuggle 400 kilos of cocaine into Germany from Peru, hidden inside a rollercoaster carriage... the eerie Spreepark is visible in the closing scenes of the movie Hanna.

2. Gulliver's Kingdom, Japan

This bizarre amusement park in Kamikuishiki, Japan only managed to stay open for four years, from 1997 - 2001, unable to drum up enough ticket sales. Perhaps its demise was something to do with the unfortunate location: it's situated next to The Suicide Forest and the HQ of a Doomsday Cult.

3. Disney's River Country, USA

The Walt Disney World Resort in Bay Lake, Florida opened its Lake Country in 1976, where, for a time, it enjoyed popularity and crowds of appreciative patrons. However, the attraction was abandoned in 2001, and now plays host only to the dead branches and creeping moss that grows within.

4. Okpo Land, South Korea

The weird history of Okpo Land is shrouded in mystery, but rumor has it that a number of unexplained deaths - and the owner of the park disappearing, never to be seen again - sealed its fate.

5. Six Flags New Orleans, USA

The 'Jazztown'-themed Six Flags park in New Orleans was opened in 2000, but badly damaged and flooded by Hurricane Katrina five years later. It's not certain at this point whether the park will ever reopen.

6. Nara Dreamland, Japan

If you think Nara Dreamland looks familiar, you're not wrong; it represents the Japanese attempt to copy Disneyland in 1961. Some sections of the park are actually direct copies of parts of Walt Disney's park, but Nara could never replicate its idol's popularity, and closed in 2006.

7. Pripyat, Ukraine

The creepiest of all abandoned amusement parks, the now-iconic ferris wheel at Pripyat, Ukraine stands creaking in solitude within the nuclear fallout zone surrounding the Chernobyl power station, which suffered a catastrophic meltdown in 1986.


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