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Do you think you can recognize these child stars from yesteryear? They've all grown up and look very different, so this quiz won't be easy. It will, however, hit you smack in the nostalgia bone - which everyone knows is by the far the best bone.

Ready? Let's play!


1- Where do you recognize this fellow from?

Answer - Jonathan Ke Quan was one on the Goonies!


2- Where did we first see this artist?

Answer - Ariana Richards played Lex in Jurassic Park. Now she's a successful artist. Clever girl.


3- Unlike his character, he actually grew up. But which fantasy adventure did this guy take us on?

Answer - Dante Basco was the badboy in Hook. Bangarang Rufio!


4- Before he was a beefcake he was a super-cute kid... but where did he show us the money?

Answer - Jonathan Lipnicki played the blond kid with glasses in Jerry Maguire.


5- Where do you recognize this guy from? (Hint: There's a clue in the photo...)

Answer - Noah Hathaway was Atreu in The Neverending Story. I don't know if he got to keep the unicorn.


6- Which high-school TV show made her famous?

Answer - Lark Voorhies shot to fame in Saved by the Bell.


7- Where did we first lay eyes on those baby blues?

Answer - Jason James Richter set Willy free back in 1993.


8- Which sports movie made her name?

Answer - Shawna Waldron starred in Little Giants.

So, how many did you get right?


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