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As we all know, the '90s was a wonderful time for Disney animation. The Disney Renaissance started in 1989 with The Little Mermaid and ran until 1999 with Tarzan, usually regarded as the last film of the Renaissance era.

Aside from being an awesome time to be a fan of animated movies, it was also an fantastic time for all of the cool toys that came out alongside the films. I don't know one kid who grew up in the '90s who didn't have a Disney toothbrush, or a soft toy Simba.

Take a look at some of these classic Disney toys from the '90s and tell me that you aren't overcome with nostalgia!

1. Glitter filled cups

My brother and I had so many of these things as kids. Inevitably the water somehow drained and the floaty plastic bits and the sad flakes of glitter ended up on the bottom of the cup, but you loved them nonetheless.

2. McDonald's Lion King happy meal toys

To anyone who could persuade their parents to take them to McDonald's enough to get the whole set, my hat's off to you.

3. Pocahontas Polly Pocket

Uhh, how cool does that waterfall and mini canoe look?! Who knew how much time a girl could spend playing with such a tiny little toy.

4. Disney handheld games

Before there was Nintendo DS or PS Vita there were awesome Disney handheld games! Check out the ad for the Aladdin version:

5. Nala and Simba soft toys

This one is tinged with bitterness guys, I never got a matching Nala and Simba duo despite being a huge Lion King fan, and what makes it even worse is that these toys had magnets in their noses so they could kiss!

6. Disney read-along books with cassette tapes

What better way to learn to read than with your favorite Disney story! The Disney read-along book series' have been out for decades (they used to come with a 7" record instead of cassette tape!) teaching kids the joys of reading along to all their classic stories.

7. Beauty and the Beast locket

The phrase on the packet "It's a fun playset & pretty necklace too!" pretty much sums this bad boy up. Despite not being quite small enough to pass for a real locket, but not big enough to be a polly pocket, the Beauty and the Beast locket was a firm fave for '90s kids.

8. Disney Golden sound story

There was no greater fun than reading along with one of these books and getting to push the corresponding picture. Though it was heartbreaking when the batteries started to die and the squawking of the seabirds sounded more like someone stood on the family cat.

9. Disney watches

How awesome was it to have these cool flip top watches, just waiting for someone to ask the time so you could click up the lid and find out. It'd be totally acceptable for an adult to wear these, right?

10. Disney sleeping bags

Everyone had a few of these thin sleeping bags at home, perfect for when a friend slept over. Often it was a fight to get the one with the coolest character on the front. They were also perfect for sliding down the staircase in.

11. Disney dolls

Some of the costumes in the Disney Renaissance films were so awesome, Esmerelda's especially with her golden accessories, and their doll versions were the perfect alternative to plain old Barbie.

12. Disney pogs

With these cool Disney designs you would never be game to play for keeps.

13. Aladdin magic message lamp

This was the Disney version of the Magic 8 Ball, the all knowing, all seeing Genie would answer all your burning questions. Simply ask the question, rub the lamp and lift the lid to see what the Genie responded. Simple, yet brilliant, and it looked exactly like the lamp in the movie!

14. Beauty and the Beast magic mirror

The best self esteem boost any young lady could ask for was the Talk 'n View Magic Mirror. Filled with lines spoken by your favorite characters who would always remind you how great you looked.

15. Disney doll houses

The coolest play houses ever were the ones that were Disney themed. Not only could you get this awesome Palace of Agrabah, but also amazing princess castles as well, prompting a whole generation of kids who swore they'd live in a castle when they grew up.

16. Disney View-Masters

View-Masters are another toy that have been around for decades, but were definitely a staple in '90s Disney merchandising. What better way to relive your favorite film than through the lens of a View-Master?! The super cool among us may have even had a Talking View-Master, talk about fancy!


Which toy had the best memory for you?

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