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As a general rule of thumb, the blooper reels from our favorite movies tend to be hilarious. Seeing our favorite actor crack up with laughter for the 10th take in a row can sometimes be even funnier than the movie itself.

But what you don't see very often on blooper reels, is the actor's face falling off, their pants coming down, or their head repeatedly bashed against an airplane... which is exactly what happens in the mishaps shown below.

Yes, they may be CGI bloopers (the vast amounts of different layers, renderings, and simulations mean animators sometimes get things wrong to begin with) but these mistakes are freakishly weird and, if you stare at them for too long, actually a little bit terrifying.

Take a look for yourself.

The Incredibles

Why is Elastigirl swimming through the air? And more importantly, why doesn't she have any pants on?

Jack-Jack Parr repeatedly smashes his against The Incredibles' airplane. How does this even happen?


He didn't see that one coming.


Doesn't Merida just have the most adorable eyes?

Who tripped Merida? And where did her hair go?


Princess Fiona could easily pass for a character from A Nightmare Before Christmas here.

Shrek The Third

Now I don't about you, but I'd love to see a real-life actor's ears behave like this on a blooper reel.

Did Shrek's stare just undress Merlin?

No doubt about this one, it is genuinely horrifying.


Which are better?


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