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I don't know about you, but the excitement for the brand new Walking Dead companion series, which has been code named "Cobalt" is definitely mounting.

Much of the main cast has now been announced, with only three remaining characters yet to be named. However, some recent whispers on the internet have suggested that at least one character from The Walking Dead might be making an appearance on Cobalt.

The character known only as Morales was someone who we briefly met way back in Season 1, when Rick rejoined his family at the camp. When the group decides to move on to the CDC, Morales and his family make the choice to go out on their own, in hopes of making it to Birmingham, Alabama to find family.

And that was the end of the Morales clan. Or so we thought! Back in October, the man who played Morales, Juan G. Pareja tweeted this:

While many fans thought that could be a sign that Morales could be returning to Season 5, we never saw that happen in the first half of Season 5, which means that it's entirely possible that instead we could see Morale's on the other side of the country in "Cobalt." While it seems a little far fetched, it's definitely not the first time The Walking Dead has brought back a character with an ambiguous end - Morgan and Merle being prime examples.

IMDB has even been recently changed to include Morales and Juan G. Pareja as characters on the show, though that has since been changed.

Personally I think this would be an amazing touch, after all, we didn't even learn his first name before the show sent him off into the great unknown. The least they could do is bring him back in the companion series!

What other minor characters (still living) from The Walking Dead would you want to see on screen again?

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