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It's no secret that staying alive in Mystic Falls is no mean feat, but not everyone's passing affects us fans equally.

There were some characters that had a special place in our hearts that were cruelly torn from us before we were ready to let them go, and these are the tragic deaths that hit me the hardest.

I have only included the characters who actually stayed dead, because let's face it, you can't be too sad about someone who came back!

1. Lexi Branson

Everyone loved Lexi's fun loving personality and the deep connection she had with her BFF Stefan, and even though we didn't know her long, her death really hit fans where hurt.

Perhaps most devastating was that Lexi was killed at the hands of Damon on Stefan's birthday right in front of him.

Even worse, this death only gets more painful as we learn more and more of what Lexi meant to Stefan through flashbacks.

2. Rose

While we never got that close to Rose, the effect that her death had on the previously cold hearted Damon was a real tear jerker.

The love that this pair felt for each other seemed so pure and real and when their connection was broken it was heartbreaking.

It's scenes like this that make us forgive Damon for being a murderous psycho from time to time...

3. Grams

If you weren't bawling like a baby at Grams' death, I regret to inform you that you're missing a heart.

Sheila Bennett was the reason that Bonnie found her feet as a witch and the main source of wisdom, comfort and reassurance in her life.

Seeing Bonnie desperately shake her Grandmother's lifeless body is a scene of pure emotional anguish, and the music gave this death an even more powerful punch.

Let's not even go there with Grams' final passing. I'll cry.

4. Aunt Jenna

Jenna's death was terrible for so many reasons.

Seeing Elena and Jeremy lose their third parental figure in the space of a few years hit fans right in the delicate feels, not to mention that fact that she had only just reconciled with her boyfriend, Alaric.

5. Katherine Pierce

Okay, okay, I know this one is going to be controversial, but I really miss Katherine's Petrova fire!

Kat comforting her daughter during her final moments was incredibly touching and the fact that Nadia died knowing her mother loved her was a small blessing in her tragic life.

Saying goodbye to Katherine for good was the end of a five season long era and the fact that she didn't get to find peace in the afterlife was a killer for me.

Okay, she was a horrible person most of the time, but Katherine had a rough life that made it difficult for her to empathize with others. She wasn't born evil, life made her that way. RIP, Kitty Kat!


Which Vampire Diaries death did you find the most tragic?


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