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There's something about a horror movie being based on a true story that adds just that extra slice of terror. When the tension is building, and your heart is pumping, it's much harder to tell yourself "it's only a movie" when the film you're watching is based on actual events.

Never is this truer when the horror movie is based on freaky paranormal goings-on. I didn't sleep for a week after reading the true story of Possession (you can read it here)!

But if you dare, scroll down to read the petrifying true stories behind five epic paranormal flicks.


As if the true horror, The Conjuring, wasn't scary enough, its creators decided they'd come back to petrify us again with the prequel Annabelle.

The film focused on the doll that was in the possession of real-life paranormal researchers Ed and Lorraine Warren (Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga) in the original The Conjuring movie. The doll in the film, shown above, was based an actual creepy doll!

According to Ed and Lorraine, a former owner of the Annabelle doll claimed that she found penciled messages written in childlike writing on parchment paper.

The message apparently read "Help Us." What made the messages even stranger was that the owner claimed not to have parchment paper in the house.

The Exorcism of Emily Rose

The unnerving Exorcism of Emily Rose was actually based upon the true story of Anneliese Michel.

In 1968, Anneliese, from Bavaria, Germany, began to suffer convulsions, aged 17, while she was still in high school. At the time, a neurologist diagnosed her with Grand Mal epilepsy but she soon started experiencing devilish hallucinations while she prayed.

As time went on, she also began to hear voices which told her that she was damned!

Deliver Us From Evil

The epic Deliver Us From Evil is based upon the experiences of retired NYPD police officer, Ralph Sarchie.

Sarchie, who later became a demonologist, published a memoir which the film leaned on heavily for the storyline.

You can see Sarchie performing an exorcism here!

When The Lights Went Out

This little-known horror flick about the disturbances of a poltergeist in northern England is based on one of the most violent poltergeist cases of all time.

Named "The Black Monk of Pontefract" after the area in Yorkshire, United Kingdom, in which it terrified people, the demon would apparently throw things, freeze rooms, create puddles and make noises!

A local newspaper sent a reporter and a ghost-hunter to the house when the film came out, read about it here!

The Blob

Yes, believe it or not, the cult classic The Blob is based on a true story!

On September 26th, 1950 in Philadelphia, two officers on patrol saw what they thought was a parachute float down from the sky. When they went to investigate, they instantly realized it wasn't a parachute.

Apparently, the object was about six feet in diameter, purple, filled with strange crystals, and "giving off a mist."

Fortunately nobody was hurt, but the thing dissolved within a few minutes which prevented a full investigation from taking place.


Which film's true story is the creepiest?


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