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How to Train Your Dragon 2 was a smash-hit last year, taking us on a journey back to Berk and hitting us in the face with action, emotion and no little love.

Hiccup and Toothless had to face their biggest foe, in the form of the dispicable Draco and his Bewilderbeast, while a long-lost family member made an unexpected return.

Mom, is that you?
Mom, is that you?

But it was the ending of the movie that was such a punch in the guts, as Hiccup's father, Stoic, sacrificed himself to save his son.

It's perhaps for this reason that the folks over at How it Should Have Ended have offered up an alternative version - and one that won't make you sob uncontrollably like the original.

It starts off with a little dragon training from Hiccup's mom, Valka, who knows just which buttons to push to get...

Wolverine Claws!

And instant Alpha mode!

Drago is still really mean though...

And the Bewilderbeast is still MASSIVE and angry!

But this time Drago gets an ax to the back

And Stoic lives!

You can check out the video in full below:


Which ending do you prefer?


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