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As a movie buff and YouTube nerd I can just about think of a one-liner for every occasion. So stumbling across the Dubsmash craze was definitely a highlight. I’m no longer trapped in my room re-enacting these blockbuster moments in front of the mirror, now I can share the love and inflict these on my friends and family. It's never felt so good to pick up an embarrassing habit like Dubsmash, when you're addiction is being fuelled by celebrities like the Red Priestess from GOT even!


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Red Priestess Melisandre From ‘Game Of Thrones’ - Carice van Houten,

Dubsmash took Europe by storm at the end of last year and the team are now looking to spread the hilarity into the US market. By searching on any social platform, you will be confronted by a tonne of Dubs. Whether you love it or hate it, you can't deny that you got a giggle watching people having a laugh and making a fool of themselves. There is a whole spectrum of videos online ranging from raving fun, to just meh, to totally cringe worthy. God knows how many hours people have spent bashing out the funnies.

Dubsmash is a great way to waste 45 minutes without even trying

You can think of this app as a boredom filler, a party ice breaker or an awkward family dinner conversation starter. For whatever occasion you can think of, there is a Dub for it.

Carlisle DJ Marc Allan

I'm not going to pretend I understand exactly what is happening to our Selfie tastic world. However, regardless of popular opinion, I think Dubsmash is easy, it's funny and I think this will do quite well as my not so secret guilty pleasure.

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