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3. The Flash of Two Worlds

So this is something that's been mentioned a lot because of the CW's success with their own little DC universe and with the casting of Ezra Miller as the Flash for the Cinematic Universe the only way Stephen Amell will get to fight with the Justice League in the future is if the Flash breaks the universe barrier like he first did in The Flash #123 [The Flash](series:1068303) of Two Worlds or have some type of crisis on Infinite Earth adaptation but I will cover that later. Of course I don't really expect an adaptation of the story considering that Grant Gustin is Barry Allen and Ezra Miller is probably also a version of Barry or maybe Wally West but I can't imagine that he is Jay Garrick the golden age Flash. Not to mention this would set up the crisis on infinite Earths.

2. The Crisis on Infinite Earths

The possibilities with a crisis on Infinite Earths story are endless if there was a crisis adaptation we could see a number of cross overs from it could be the return to the big screen of Christan Bale as the Dark Knight or DC could use Tim Burton's Batman as an older possibly retired Batman. Hell we could even see Adam Wests Bruce Wayne. Now Batman isn't the only character with multiple previous versions think about Superman for a second now if your thinking we could see Brandon Routh as Superman again you might have a concussion he is the atom now get over it. now just imagine Henry Cavil fighting side by side with Tom Welling's Superman. and dont forget that Grant Gustin and John Wesley Shipp both could appear as the Flash in the Events of a Crisis on Infinite earths. maybe we could even see the Cubs win the world series. Maybe.

1. The Bat family

Now this is the one I personally want to see let me go down the list

  • Nightwing AKA Dick Grayson Robin 1.0
  • The Red Hood AKA Jason Todd Robin 2.0
  • Red Robin AKA Tim Drake Robin 3.0
  • Robin AKA Damian Wayne The Son of Batman
  • Batgirl AKA Barbra Gordon

With the bat family being featured in the DCCU it would not only set up deeper stories for Batman but also set up more movies all together like Teen Titans, Red Hood and the Outlaws, and solo Nightwing and Batgirl movies.


What Do you Want to See in the DCCU


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