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The cult zombie shooter series comes to an apocalyptic conclusion; recut, remastered and unleashed on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC!

Achtung! Berlin is burning and Adolf Hitler has risen from his grave to gather an army of Undead Super Soldiers who are poised to spill blood and guts across Europe. Only one thing stands in their way – you, and the fleshy sacks bristling with guns and explosives you call your best friends.

Zombie Army is a defining title for all zombie fanatics. It is brutal, gory and insanely addictive. A level of unholy carnage that is uniquely captured by Rebellion through ultra slow motion technology and sniper rifle crosshairs.

We've all seen a zombies head explode in some form or another but have you seen what happens when a high velocity round makes contact with the rotting flesh of a zombie? Now you can! Pick and choose which decaying limb you want to blow off as the hordes of Nazi zombies attempt to infect and poison their way back across Europe.

Bullet travel
Bullet travel

Taking an epic cult shooter like Sniper Elite to another level is always going to be a difficult task. How do we improve on such an addictive shooter? More guns? New characters? No way there is only one answer! ZOMBIES.

The terrors of world war action continues on into death as the dead rise up to fight you on the beaches as an unholy army of the undead.

Zombie Army Trilogy, rising early 2015, gives Xbox One gamers and PlayStation 4 gamers their first chance to experience the blood-pumping co-op shooter series that became a cult sensation on PC. Former enemies become allies as the living fight against the dead.

Packed with apocalyptic new content and two eye-popping remasters Zombie Army Trilogy also includes the never-seen-before third installment in the series and a brand new horde mode, delivering the ultimate package for fans of adrenaline-fueled gunplay and harrowing intensity.

Nazi Zombies
Nazi Zombies


  • Battle through 15 gut-wrenching missions spanning THREE epic campaigns across the irradiated, demon-infested ruins of World War II Germany.
  • Wrestle the occult powers in the campaign and across FIVE terrifying horde maps. Face the horrors alone or fight back-to-back in 2-4 player online co-op.
  • Fight as elite sniper, Karl Fairburne or one of EIGHT playable heroes including FOUR new female characters, armed with over 25 iconic weapons and explosive traps.
Bullet damage internal shot!
Bullet damage internal shot!
  • Take on legions of Undead Super Soldiers, Armoured Skeletons, Zombie Snipers, Chainsaw Elites, Fire Demons and more, before facing the demonic Hitler himself in a final stand to decide the fate of mankind!
  • Bask in the gruesome glow of the infamous X-Ray Kill Cam, and watch in gory detail as rotting flesh and organs are shredded from the inside.
  • Experience haunting environments and intense-action, all framed in bloody beautiful 1080p.

For PC gamers, Zombie Army Trilogy will be available to pre-order today via Steam or the Rebellion Gamestore

As a thank you to the fans that made the series a cult hit, Rebellion are also offering an exclusive loyalty discount to owners of the first two Nazi Zombie Army games via Steam before launch.

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Is this too much gore or do we want to see what a bullet does to a zombies insides?


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