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Didn't you just love playing the game of "who would win in a fight against who?" That age old show of cards that pitted one kid's favorite hero, against another kid's favorite Star Trek captain, against another kid's dad and so on and so on until the bell rang and back into education we'd slump.

I can recall a few great ones like Batman vs. Jean Luc Picard, or Spider-Man vs. The Tick, but never have I ever heard of a battle as resplendent as YouTuber ChiefBrodyRules' idea of Die Hard: Predator vs. Alien!

The sheer idea of pitting Die Hard's iconic protagonist John McClane up against these two cinematic heavyweights is something quite close to legendary! So good it has to be made! WHERE'S THE KICKSTARTER?! Have all the monies, thanks.

It's a-typical McClanian luck! Only John McClain could stumble into a centuries-old battle between two ridiculously terrifying extraterrestrial creeps.

Have a look for yourself...

For die hard fans of all three franchises, didn't that get you excited? You didn't watch the video? Alright, fine then...


Since ya'll asked so nicely, here's a bit of the action...

Break It Up!

Predator doesn't like it when they fight.

"This Spring, the deadliest creatures in the universe will meet their match..."


Always in the right place at the wrong time.

Great Cut!

Here sees McClane coming into contact with a Predator...

This was an inspired edit, if only this film could be made!

To Protect And To Serve

Some soldiers are being attacked by a Xenomorph...

...And it's up to the NYPD's finest to come to the rescue.

Welcome to the Party, Pal.

McClane has come face to face with a very familiar terror...

...A frisky little facehugger. Better move sharpish, dude!

I knew the Alien vs. Predator films would be of some use someday, and here it is! Being used to great effect in a super badass fan trailer for, what could've been, the best nineties film ever made!

I mean, anyone that can take out a helicopter mid flight with a car, can definitely take on a Predator and a Xenomorph. That's my humble opinion anyways.

(Source: ChiefBrodyRules via YouTube)


Would Die Hard vs. Predator vs. Alien have been the best action movie ever?


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