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Critics have been gushing over Bennett Miller's true-life inspired drama, Foxcatcher, but there's one exceptionally angry man who's a hell of a lot less happy with the whole thing!

Former Olympic wrestler Mark Schultz - played by Channing Tatum in the movie - recently took to Twitter to denounce the film and even threaten its director. The outraged comments have since been deleted from the social media site, but his inflammatory outburst can still be seen in these screen grabs from the Huffington Post:

Woah! It seems Schultz was deeply upset by the way his life has been portrayed. And it gets worse...

Schultz then took to Facebook, where he was much kinder to Channing Tatum:

The movie doesn’t show hardly any of my victories, It focuses on my losses. The personalities and relationships between the characters in the film are primarily fiction and, although Channing is outstanding, the personality is not accurate. However, I think Channing played me the only way it was possible to play me due to the confines of the director’s vision.

The movie focuses on the bizarre events that occurred at Foxcatcher training facility, owned by the psychologically unstable tycoon, John Eleuthère du Pont (played by Steve Carrell).

It's not hard to see why the film would provoke such a passionate response from someone who was actually involved in the true story that inspired it, but it's hard to complain when you've signed away the rights to make the movie.

Despite Schultz's outrage, the movie has gone down swimmingly with the public and press, and is hotly tipped for an Oscar this awards season.


Are Schultz's comments fair?


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