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Let's all just admit and embrace our shared addiction for Friends - thanks Netflix (no seriously...THANK YOU). Now that we have that out of the way forget about going down the internet rabbit hole of Baywatch actors. I already did that for you! Shall we begin?

Joey and Chandler love binging on Baywatch in their lay-z-boys as much as we love binge watching them on our laptops. But where is Chandler's sweet Yasmin now?! Is CJ better off now in 2015? We must know.

Yasmin Bleeth

That 90s haircut is per.fection.
That 90s haircut is per.fection.

Oh Yasmin. She was the hottest brunette on 90s TV and now she's no where to be found. Apparently after Baywatch Bleeth had some serious struggles with cocaine addiction and a subsequent run in with the law. Thankfully Chandler's dream girl got help and met husband Paul Cerrito. They are both clean and living in Scottsdale, AZ. We're just glad you're happy Yasmin.

Pamela Anderson

Stay away from Tommy, Pam.
Stay away from Tommy, Pam.

No one has forgotten about Pam AKA CJ Parker. She's getting older but I'm sure she still looks better than I will when I'm 47. Since Baywatch ol' Pam has done a few cameos and reality stints but largely makes her way as an entertainment personality and public speaker. She's been married to Tommy Lee Jones, Kid Rock, and Rick Salomon - currently 'on' with Salomon. Her oldest son (with Tommy) is almost 20 - let that sink in and make you feel old for a moment...crying yet? Great. Let us continue...

David Hasselhoff

The Hoff. The Hoffenator. Hassie. I digress...
The Hoff. The Hoffenator. Hassie. I digress...

Hasselhoff is actually the reason the show was able to stick around for 11 seasons. It was canceled after just one season and The Hoff revived the series by investing back into the syndication and was able to get the rights from NBC - making him an executive producer and gazillionaire. Since Baywatch he has performed on Broadway, all over London, done numerous cameos, and judged America's Got Talent. And that's a short list. Apparently Hasselhoff has more time in the day than Beyonce. That's how it goes when you're The Hoff.

Jeremy Jackson

Seriously. So many different Jeremy's. Google.
Seriously. So many different Jeremy's. Google.

Jeremy played Hobie...yep, remember that name?...Hasselhoff's son on Baywatch. Jackson has performed as a singer and often speaks in public and on reality tv about addiction. He's now on British show Celebrity Big Brother. Of all the Baywatch stars to go through transformations he has seen the most. Honestly just google his name and enjoy the array of photos. I'm not sure how one person can go through so many.

Gregory Alan Williams

He just makes you feel safe.
He just makes you feel safe.

Sgt Garner Ellerbee! Williams has gone on to be in several series and films. Appearing in The District, Drop Dead Diva, and Necessary Roughness. He has had one of the most stable careers post-bay. You do you Sarge.

Alexandra Paul

Lieutenant Stephanie Holden was the Baywatch voice of reason and I imagine that's because Alexandra Paul is a force to be reckon with. Paul is an edurance athlete competing in Ironman's and multiple swimming races. I don't care if its Fiji you will not find me swimming half a mile let alone Paul's 12 miles. I'll watch you from the beach girl.

She has continued to make television guest appearances and is active in environmental and vegan campaigns.

Michael Newman

NEWMIE! The only real lifeguard on Baywatch, Michael Newman was the inspiration for the show and is best friend to the show's creator. Newman hasn't continued acting but he does train the stars in water athletics for film and tv. As of late Newman has been battling Parkinson's Disease but finds relief in the water. Best of luck to you, Michael!

Chris Fiore

Fiore played Brad for seven seasons. Apparently acting is not his first love. After Baywatch, Fiore quit acting and started his own business, Snowblind Snowmobile Consulting. The company consults on productions needing snow equipment. I guess you can get sick of the beach.

Mmmmm no. Just Fiore. Moooooving on.

Gena Lee Nolin

Last but never forgotten is Baywatch bad girl Gena Lee Nolin, or Neely Capshaw to Joey and Chandler. Nolin was mostly known as a model for men's magazines in the 90s and early 2000s. Since then she was diagnosed with Thyroid Disease and has been a huge voice in speaking about the battle. She is married to former hockey player Cale Hulse and is author of Beautiful Inside and Out, Conquering Thyroid Disease with a Healthy, Happy, "Thyroid Sexy" Life. Oh and she's busy still looking exactly as she did 20 years ago.



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