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Nope, that's not a Maid Cafe - that's a McDonald's in Taiwan during New Years Eve. A few years back, the staff at a Taiwanese McDonald's location decided that the holidays should always be festive, even in the workplace: so, Christmas and New Year's Eve, the staff chooses a cosplay-styled theme and gets dressed up to drum up business. That's one way to make your year-end numbers!

This location chose to get gorey with Chucky and his new-age Murderous Doll counterpart, [Annabelle](movie:1217914)! Uh, well, that's terrifying. I don't think I'd want food from those guys.

An adorable assortment of costumes, including Mr. and Mrs Claus for this location's Christmas promo!

Anna and Elsa ditch Arendelle to serve you a side of fries! Disney's hit film took the world by storm, and the remnants of that storm are certainly present in the wordlwide cosplay community.

Along with decking out their entire location like an airport, this team went all-out on themed outfits for their location!

They were even featured on Tomo News - check out the video for a great look at the restaurant!

This year, the location decided on a more spirited theme - school spirit, that is:


"Order up! Number 27, with a side of your own limbs!"

Red Riding Hoods
Red Riding Hoods

Are you afraid of the Big Mac Wolf? These ladies aren't.

'Course, when you need a hero, the number one cosplay to go for is Son Goku from Dragon Ball Z! This staff went Super Saiyan with creative wigs, too!

In other locations, employees decided to show some company pride (and seriously, overseas Mickey Dee's seems really pleasant) by dressing up as a fan-favorite order - French Fries!

Now that the new year has passed, locations across Taiwan and several other countries are planning out their Cosplay theme for November 21st.


Which Cosplay theme is your favorite?


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