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After the success of Disney's Into the Woods movie, another Broadway-based fantasy musical is on the horizon. In an interview with Film Divider, Into the Woods producer Mark Platt announced today that a film adaptation of the fan-favorite Broadway show Wicked is finally coming together with the goal of a 2016 release.

Platt said the following to Film Divider:

[A 2016 release date] is the goal, but I don’t know whether we’ll make that goal or not. We will make the movie, but like I said, the bar is really high. We’re going to scrutinise our work on the screenplay and our prep on the movie, and when we feel like it’s ready, okay. We’re not going to shoot a release date is what I’m saying. It’s in the works, it’s not in a rush. It took 27 years to make Into the Woods into a film from its original stage production, and 30 years with Les Mis. Some things take time for a reason.

Platt, who also produced the original Broadway production of Wicked, additionally confirmed the screenwriter and director of the project. Winnie Holzman, the writer of Wicked's original book, is currently writing the screenplay. She also has TV credits writing for shows like My So-Called Life and Huge.

Director Stephen Daldry of Billy Elliot, The Reader, and Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close is set to take the helm of the project. No cast members have been announced yet, but Lea Michele is among the fans' top choice to play Elphaba. Even Wicked's lyricist Stephen Schwartz agrees that she would be a great choice.

Left to right: Idina Menzel and Kristin Chenoweth.
Left to right: Idina Menzel and Kristin Chenoweth.

Wicked made its Broadway debut in 2003 with a cast including Kristin Chenoweth and Frozen star Idina Menzel. It serves as a prequel to The Wizard of Oz and showcases the school years of the Wicked Witch of the West and Glinda the Good Witch. It went on to become the 11th longest-running show in Broadway history, and is still running to this day. It is also known as as one of the top-grossing Broadway shows of all time. In all honesty, it's really no wonder that it's getting a movie adaptation.

As if 2016 wasn't already big enough, Wicked could definitely make it even bigger if Platt and his team make their goal. When the film is released, look for Wicked to defy gravity at the box office.

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