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While I definitely liked The Lord of the Rings Franchise more, I still think that Peter Jackson did his thing with [The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug](movie:512310). Clearly not everybody is a fan, but I really enjoyed the movies.

If you're familiar with Screen Junkies, you know that they like to poke a little bit of fun at mostly big budget movies. The sense of humor and hilarious voice of the narrator they use always makes these funny - even if you haven't seen the movie they're working with.

Check it out!

They always choose their movie based upon demand from the fans. There was a lot for this movie, naturally. They get on the creators of the film for the long run-time, which is fair. They also accuse Peter Jackson of beating a dead horse. The theme seems to be that "we've seen this all before, man."

I thought this was pretty funny. What did you think?


Was the Honest trailer onto something?

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