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Well people, get ready to move away from the current state of movie popularity. Whereas for the longest time it's been about superheroes, reboots and sequels, it seems 2017 and onward might just be the start of something new—crossovers. [22 Jump Street](movie:434853) and Men in Black are getting a crossover/merger and Batman and Superman will be duking it out, representing their respective franchises in 2016. So what's next on the crossover agenda? Well according to a leaked Sony email, Django and Zorro!

The two time-period powerhouses are apparently crossing over really soon, according to an article from MovieFinatic which talks about an email exchange from Sony Executive Amy Pascal and Django Unchained director Quentin Tarantino:

Amy Pascal: Hello, Amy P here... how are you? I wanna talk about Django/Zorro when you feel like it ... Also I still wanna do the Dion brothers and just because I didn't get to be a part of 'Hateful' doesn't mean I'm ever gonna stop wanting to work with you (and Harvey).

Best always.. .Amy

To which Tarantino responded:

"D/Z could be really fun!"

To which the world, after reading this email, responded with:

This is pretty great news! While the 22/MIB crossover might be a ridiculous cash grab (albeit a great way to make people laugh uncontrollably), this crossover might just be the most epic film of 2017! Though this isn't the first time Django and Zorro have crossed paths. The Dynamite comic series (co-written by Tarantino) Django/Zorro might shed some light on what this film will be about. I've yet to read the comics, but I imagine they're absolutely stunning, and blood and gore filled. That's just the norm with anything tied to Tarantino's name.

It hasn't been confirmed if Quentin Tarantino is directing, but I couldn't see anyone else being able to successfully handle this crossover extravaganza! I'm also hoping that Jamie Foxx and Antonio Banderas reprise their roles. While it's likely that Jamie Foxx will return as Django should the film be made, the chances of Antonio Banderas returning to the Zorro role are very slim; especially with Sony planning to reboot the series at some point in time starring Gael Garcia Bernal.

Gael Garcia Bernal
Gael Garcia Bernal

No matter which people are in the lead roles, I am more than excited for this film! [Django Unchained](movie:202587) and Zorro are both action filled, and though it doesn't seem like it, they fit together perfectly!


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