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The video game [Grand Theft Auto](movie:749804) is already pretty cinematic. It features a humungous map, cool music, solid graphics, and superb vocal acting. YouTuber David Vann, A.K.A. Gingerbrick, saw the game as a blank canvas, though, when he creatively directed and edited a trailer to the 1977 film, The Car.

The original was essentially a movie about a killer car, controlled by some kind of evil and sinister force.

Here is the original trailer:

And here is the relatively spot-on GTA version:

David put a lot of effort into this trailer, and it shows big time. That tunnel actually works perfectly with the original! The car also looks pretty similar. Art can be made in any medium, but who would've thought one of those was a video game?


Which takes more time?

(via geektyrant)


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