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Gotham has been one of my favorite DC shows since Smallville - tear falls from cheek- I really loved that show. [Arrow](series:720988) and Flash are good shows too don't get me wrong. I am definitely a fan of the genre. I've had my “More heroes” picket sign from the beginning.

What Smallville did was special because it didn't focus on the life of Superman rather it took us to his life as Clark Kent. With the Superman lore already inflated and stretched due to popularity. They created something pretty amazing without changing him to much -cause it would be boring if it was all the same- sticking close enough to add in plenty of easter eggs. Adding enough differences so that it was a new and fresh stories. In my eyes they expanded on a much loved character without destroying him in the process. I was sad to see the show end but i was happy that they had enough time to develop the Clark Kent into his own character and that they got a final season to wrap it up.... in a nice way - for some reason this makes me think about how Alphas ended. Closure?-

In the same way Gotham isn't really a “Batman” show - I'm very happy that it isn't- its a show about “[Gotham](series:1127075)”. All of the cities of the DCU have their own personality and Gotham is no different. When you hear someone say Gotham we all think about ….Crime. Gotham is full of it even when batman gets on the scene. This show is far from a Batman show cause our dark knight is still just a kid. So we follow the detective Gordon early in his career fighting the Giants of Gotham. I would be foolish of me to not mention Penguin who as a character has had the most growth since the show began.

This show is one of my favorite new shows to come out of the hero “big bang”. When Gotham didn't turn out to be a platform for every pre-batman villain -even tho i love when they appear-. When i saw that there could be episodes where Bruce Wayne didn't show up I was hooked. I saw that the show could just be a gritty old school cop show and that put a smile on my face -easter eggs are fun- I’m happy to see where Gotham can go and i'm afraid to say it has just scratched the surface.


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