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Titans is coming to TNT, followers of mine most likely already know this. Follow me to keep a fresh perspective and knowledge of the comic book movie/TV scene.

I have returned today to fill you in on who I think should appear as a villain on titans. I have picked my favorite ten.

Note that I am leaving out Deathstroke because he is the given. I love him, and he is one of my favorite villains, but if he is not already going to be dead when this show starts, he will be appearing sooner or later. Also note that these are in no particular order.

Let's get started.

1.) Mister Twister

Mister Twister is famously one the first foes that the Titans ever faced in the comic books. So, I am reserving this first spot on the list for him, out of respect. Equipped with the ability to create twisters, he isn't necessarily the most interesting villain in Teen Titans history, but he could have great success if the creators draw heavily from the Young Justice version of the character.

2.) Cheshire

A huge butt kicker in both Young Justice and the comics, Cheshire holds a special place in the hearts of Teen Titans fans... and on the list of best assassins in the DC universe... on which she is second place. She sounds like a great villain to fight Nightwing every now and then.

3.) Plasmus

Plasmus has appeared in both the comics and the animated series. In the comics, he is a really cool villain. The same is true for the animated series version. However, the animated series version would be better to use for this show as this version of Plasmus is more manipulatable. With a manipulatable villain like Plasmus, wonders (or evils) could be done by a more important antagonist.

4.) Jason Todd/Red Hood

By: Chimeriac
By: Chimeriac

This would be especially cool to me. I have expressed my opinion before that Red Hood and The Outlaws would make a bangin' TV show, this could potentially open that door. And I'd love to see the chemistry between Jason Todd and Starfire. Even better than that would be the tension between Jason and Dick... for certain bat related things and for Starfire reasons. Overall, this would be some cool writing, and I'm anxious to see it.

5.) Queen Bee

I'm not referring to the version on the Young Justice show. I'm actually hoping to see something closer to the original version from the comics. She is an intergalactic queen of a race of insectoid/humanoid aliens. This would be cool to see on the Titans show, and honestly, it would fit. I'm not going to deny that this show is probably going to be a live action version of "Ben 10: Alien Force", and that's okay. It will be some more grown up super powered young people fighting off other super powered threats. And I'm looking forward to seeing them make the show even more sci-fi cool with the inclusion of this character.

6.) Fearsome Five/H.I.V.E Academy Graduates

Let's all agree that these were some of the best villains in the Teen Titans series. Jinx, Gizmo, and Mammoth made an incredibly dynamic trio of villains. With a few more added on, they could easily be enough to be a thorn in the side of the live action Titans.

7.) Goldilocks

Goldilocks isn't incredibly popular at all. But that only means that she has popularity to gain (if you want to look at it glass half full). In the comics, she is the younger sister of Godiva, the british heroine with prehensile hair (the ability to control her own hair, a power shared by her sister). She is a great character because of her fairytale-like crush on Robin (in this case, Nightwing). I think this would be a dynamic thing to have on the show... especially to see how Starfire would react to another woman acting upon her infatuation with Grayson.

8.) The Brotherhood Of Evil

While it is true that this would be a little bit cliché, considering that this was already done in the animated series, that doesn't matter. These characters would be amazing to see live action fighting all of our favorite Titans (and, hopefully, the Doom Patrol). The lineup doesn't matter much; as long as it includes The Brian and Monsieur Mallah.

9.) Mad Mod

Mad Mod was one of the most fun villains to appear on the animated series. He was also a pretty awesome foe in the comics. He proves to be the master of providing the viewers with fun nods to british pop culture (The Beatles, etc.) and even DC easter eggs are easily achievable with this character around.

10.) Trigon

A long standing Teen Titans anything (be it a comic series, an animated series, a live action series, or a movie franchise) would be incomplete without Trigon. One of the Titans nastiest foes, Trigon is also one of the most important, being the father of one of their core members. As Raven's father, Trigon would have to at least make an appearance. As one of their most dangerous foes, Trigon would have to be a long lasting foe, sticking around for at least the length of a season.

These are 10 of the many villains who should appear on Titans. If you enjoyed, please follow me, and check out my other posts on Titans.

If you think I am missing someone from my list... please tell me in the comments.

Have a nice day, folks. Thanks for reading.


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