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Liam Neeson is an amazing actor! Any role he's been in is a great one, from Qui-Gon Jinn in Star Wars to Ra's Al Ghul in Batman Begins. But no other role played by the Irish actor has brought him as much fame as Bryan Mills in the popular Taken franchise!

Even though he had been in tons of notable roles before, Taken was the film that skyrocketed his career and made him a household name. From the Bond-like espionage, to the non-stop action, all the way down to the memorable quote:

Yeah that's it...
Yeah that's it...

But not only is Liam perfect as Bryan Mills in front of a camera, he also does a great job being Mills in real life! In a recent episode of popular TBS talk show Conan, Maggie Grace, who plays Bryan's daughter Kim in the Taken franchise, revealed that Liam Neeson helped her prank an ex-boyfriend. You can watch the hilarious video below.

Liam Neeson is the perfect guy to get if you're feeling down about a break-up! And it doesn't just have to be break-ups! He could call your mean boss who just fired you for being five minutes late! Or maybe he could call the people who always send you those pesky Candy Crush Facebook invites!

Whoa whoa! Let's tone it down a bit there Liam!
Whoa whoa! Let's tone it down a bit there Liam!

This just proves how great of an actor Liam Neeson is! Hilariously calling Maggie Grace's ex and instilling some advice/fear in him is the best thing to do with his particular set of skills! I feel a little bad for the guy though, just imagine hearing Liam Neeson threatening you over the phone with that menacing tone. The only thing worse would be if Liam had actually talked to him face-to-face. I'm scared just thinking about it!

After hearing this, I'm psyched to see Bryan's final run in [Taken 3](movie:678612), which actually. So if you haven't seen it go check it out! As shall I!


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