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Have you ever wondered if Luke Skywalker would have ever found out about his true identity and legendary Jedi-lineage, had R2D2 and C3PO never crash landed on Tatooine by pure chance?

Was Obi-Wan ever planning to tell him the truth of his identity? It may seem like he was simply protecting Vader's son from the clutches of the Empire, but was there something more sinister going on in Obi-Wan's mind? Did he in fact intend to use Luke as sacrificial bait?!

Reddit user s3c10n8 has come up with a game-changing theory that might tell us of the Jedi Master's true intentions, and I think it's pretty darn convincing. As is often the case in Star Wars, it turns out that...

It's a Trap!

As s3c10n8 writes:

I don't think Obi-Wan ever meant to confront Luke. I subscribe to the notion that the whole thing was an elaborate trap to lure Darth Vader there for a final battle to the death.

So Obi-Wan wasn't actually protecting Luke - he was using him to lure the Sith into a Jedi showdown! Pretty intriguing, huh? Let's look at the hard facts informing this radical fan theory.

Luke Skywalker's Name

If Luke really was intended as bait, it would certainly explain why Obi-Wan doesn't make him change his last name to match his foster parents' (Lars), as the presence of a Skywalker on Tatooine would be sure to grab Vader's attention sooner or later.

Obi-Wan didn't want Luke to see out the remainder of his years in peace - he wanted Vader to notice him, and he wanted him to come looking for his son.

Tatooine's Sparse Environment

The endless sand plains of Tatooine makes it one of the most desolate planets in the Star Wars universe, leaving few places for one of the last remaining Jedi to hide.

It's also home to a notorious Hutt gangster who attracts bounty hunters from all over the galaxy, not to mention an Imperial recruiting station that the Empire would surely be keeping an eye on.

Plus, the planet's small population would ensure that when it came time for Obi-Wan and his former Padawan to do battle, there would be little collateral damage. Ben Kenobi may be a crafty schemer, but he's not a monster.

Tatooine's Dark History

Let's not forget the significance of such a location for Lord Vader himself. He no doubt remembers the traumas of slavery he experienced there, not to mention the tragic death of his mother - the event that started to push Anakin towards the dark side in the first place.

As s3c10n8 notes:

as far as hiding in plain sight there are worse planets to go to than one your pursuer has no desire to ever spend time on again.

Obi-Wan knows what Tatooine means to Darth Vader, and he uses that knowledge to ensure this is one planet certain to stay on his radar.

Obi-Wan's Old Age

Obi-Wan isn't as sprightly as he once was - at least, he's no Ewan McGregor. He knows he's approaching the point that he can't physically match his black-suited nemesis. If he's gonna stand a chance against Vader, an ambush is his best bet.

But, crucially, his plan ultimately fails

Of course, Darth Vader never shows up - he never takes the bait, so the wise old Jedi has to improvise before their kind is completely eradicated.

He knows he can't turn back time. His original plan to lure Vader to him has failed, and he's now too old to finish the job. But Luke is different - he's Vader's son and Kenobi can feel that the force is strong with him!

The Empire is sure to be tracking these droids. He just has to distract him for a while and the inevitable is sure to happen to his family. So what does he do? Start dropping hints about the kids dad. Tell him about him being a great jedi, a great pilot, both things the kid will need to off Vader, and all of it true.

Then he drops the real kicker that's sure to send Luke straight after Vader: he lies to him, claiming his father was killed by the Sith Lord.

Perhaps Obi-Wan even knew Luke's foster parents would be killed. Maybe he let it happen, knowing it was sure to fill the young warrior with murderous rage!

After setting this plan in motion, Obi-Wan can then die happy, with the comforting knowledge that he's put everything in place to kick-start the Empire's downfall, even if it would take another two and half movies for it to happen. In this sense, Obi-Wan can be seen as the true hero of the Star Wars franchise!

I'm not sure I completely buy this theory, as Tatooine was probably chosen as Luke's home because Darth Vader was unlikely to return there. But I have to say, this original idea certainly adds another whole layer to Obi-Wan's character that I think is just awesome!

What do you guys think? Was the ruthless Obi-Wan prepared to let Luke be his Vader-luring bait?

For the full original theory, CLICK HERE.


Are you convinced this was in fact Obi-Wan's plan all along?


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