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Skynet's future killing machines will be on the receiving end of a little upgrade in this year's reboot of the classic Terminator franchise.

Terminator Genisys sees the return of the, now, sleeker and shinier army of homicidal cyborgs, insistent on the fact that humanity should be wiped clean from the Earth.

Though, as you will see in the images below, the visual changes made to the T-800 of Genisys are not massively monumental, the chest plate has been redesigned, removing the gap in the previous T-800's and making the death machine look like its sporting some kind of extra restrictive sports bra.

The T-800 now has a very cool and incredibly defined spine instead of the solid beam of metal used to connect its torso to its legs. The neck is also a little bit more refined, moving away from the below look which is akin to a bodybuilder's neck, to the smoother look of the above. I guess it'll make backing out of the driveway easier!

All in all, the robots look more minimalist, modernized and still rather terrifying with all of their new curves.

Despite my love for the first two Terminator films, I'm really looking forward to having the robots back for a big screen adventure! How about you guys?

(Source: USA Today)


Looking forward to Terminator Genisys?


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