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They might be huge stars with faces more familiar to us than our own relatives, but celebrities, like us, were once young too! Many of our favorite celebs look almost unrecognizable from the faces we all know and love so well. Can you work out who the children in these photos grew up to be?


Once upon a time he was this tiny tot in a t-shirt, but now he's more familiar to us in suits of all varieties (and materials).

Answer: Robert Downey Jr. Who would have guessed this little dude would grow up to be our Iron Man?


This little red head has kept her fiery locks, though for her upcoming role she's ditched the pink for something a little more scholarly

Answer: Bryce Dallas-Howard. Who would have guessed that this one time lover of pink will soon star in upcoming blockbuster [Jurassic World](movie:32752)!


This little blond cutie might look like he wouldn't hurt a fly, but these days he plays one of the biggest bad-asses on screen.

Answer: Norman Reedus a.k.a. Daryl Dixon! Who knew that our fave rough and tough walker killer looked so angelic as a child!


This young lady may not be rocking a very stylish bowl cut, but she grew up to play a very fashion forward character

Answer: January Jones. This Mad Men star has definitely come along way since those bowl cut (and mullet!) days!


This blonde starlet doesn't look like she needed any 'help' nailing the perfect headshot photo.

Answer: Emma Stone. Before she was one of the most glamorous stars on the red carpet, she was still just your regular teen with braces.


This base cap wearing kid looks like butter wouldn't melt, but that charming grin is still making us all swoon in his hugely successful franchise

Answer: Paul Walker! Though he is sadly no longer with us, it's clear to see that [Furious 7](movie:264263) star Paul Walker was cutie his entire life.


This young lady really hasn't changed all that much! Take a guess at who this little hero might be?

Answer: Scarlett Johansson. Who could have predicted that this young girl would grow up to be bad-ass Natasha Romanoff!


This suave dude had continued to stun the ladies with those captivating eyes, thankfully though he swapped the collar for something a little sexier.

Answer: Ian Somerhalder. It's clear to see the resemblance even all these years later, especially the eyes (and eyebrows!).


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