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Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield are well known for the witty ways they deal with unwanted cameras, but a fan's 'covert' attempt to snap a picture of the pair at a restaurant has yielded the Hollywood power couple's best effort yet!

Check out Emma and Andrew's reaction to being sneakily snapped in the picture below!

Alejandra Garibay who took the photo and uploaded it to Instagram explained to Huffington post that, although she seems to spot celebrities all the time, she would never normally attempt to snap a picture. Except this time she decided to make an exception for her brother who is "in love" with Emma Stone. She told the press that:

Ultimately I decided to just take one quickly instead of interrupting their dinner. I would never interrupt their dinner like, "Can I take your picture?" So I just wanted to take one really quickly and I guess they saw me

As usual, Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield handled the situation with sheer awesomeness.

Instead of going full Alec Baldwin, or even full KStew about the subtle invasion of privacy, Garfield and Stone instead called the photographers bluff with a humorous acknowledgement that they knew what they were up to.

But, those of you who follow the antics of this adorable celebrity couple won't be at all surprised. For those of you who are out of the loop, here are a few more of the awesome things this pair has been up to!

Playing the Paps

Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield are well known for playing the paps at their own game and using the shots obtained of them to spread a positive message.


Who knew these two were secret salsa stars...

Dancing Duo

...And they are also pretty damned good at whatever the hell this dance is!

Genial Debating Champions

These two can make a discussion about a serious subject lighthearted and accessible without turning it into an argument. And, in public! That's a serious skill right there.

SNL Slurpin'

Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield are clearly aware of the public perception that they can't take their hands off each other in this hilarious face-licking SNL sketch!


Do you think Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield are the most awesome celeb couple around?

(Source: Huffington Post via Reddit and MTV)


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