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By now we all know that Disney animated movies are much more clever than we notice with a single viewing. This week we found even more of the famous 'hidden Mickeys,' featured in our favorite movies, however there are even more fantastic cleverly hidden Disney gems waiting to be unearthed for our enjoyment.

Fortunately for us, some very switched on Tumblr users have done the hard yards and spotted some things that on the outset look insignificant, but are actually very meaningful.

Take a look at these nine things that Tumblr users noticed, that make Disney movies all the more awesome:

1. Frozen used gloves very cleverly

So simple, so clever! Elsa was hiding her powers, and Han's was hiding his true, evil, intentions.

2. Mother Gothel's affection was all hair based, Eugene's wasn't

This one is very cool, and something I definitely didn't notice in Rapunzel. All the supposed affection that Mother Gothel shows toward Rapunzel, is actually affection shown to her powers. The flip side of this is Eugene (a.k.a. Flynn Rider) tends to give all his affection directly to her, recognizing the person literally behind the special abilities.

3. Disney is clever in more than one language

I can't really add more to this one except to say well done, very well done.

4. This scene in Aladdin was finally explained

Sure, it's a bit racey for a Disney movie, but you gotta admit, it makes a lot of sense, right?

5. A Disney lass covers her face when she's upset

Obviously the gals of Disney have a flare for the dramatic, and a frequent device that Disney animators seem to go for to convey how upset they are is to make sure their beautiful faces are covered.

6. This was much more than a throwaway funny line

The rule of a king is "everything the light touches is yours," and I guess that goes for your children as well.

7. Green light = bad news

Pretty hard to argue with the facts! Steer clear of lime!

8. Disney villains favor one insult above all

You fools, it's easy to see this is the preferred insult for Disney villains!

9. The explanation behind Scar's name

As a smart arse young kid I definitely wondered this one...Glad to see Disney has covered all their bases!


What do you think was the best Tumblr Disney discovery?

(H/T Buzzfeed via Dose)


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