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I've often theorized that celebs are not mere mortals like us run-of-the-mill plebeians, and these nine ageless beauties demonstrate this concept perfectly with the longevity of their dazzling looks!

So, prepare to be hit with a serious wave of genes envy as you examine the eyebrow-raising photographic evidence of nine celebrities who simply refuse to age.

Keanu Reeves

Something tells me Keanu is still stuck in The Matrix...

Sandra Bullock

Twelve years haven't even touched the gorgeous Sandra Bullock.

Elijah Wood

Elijah Wood will always look like the fresh-faced Frodo Baggins, and I'm sure he's totally down with that!

Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson's face hasn't changed a bit, and neither has her taste in flowing white gowns.

Will Smith

It's only a matter of time before a determined pap snaps a picture of the cryogenic tank Will Smith sleeps in. If I swapped the years on the pictures, nobody would even question it.

Jennifer Aniston

Fifteen years later and Jennifer Aniston is still rocking her signature tawny locks and a veritably crease free visage.

Rob Lowe

The day Rob Lowe stops being good looking is the day I eat my own dog.

Sofia Vergara

I think Sofia Vergara might be the real-life Benjamin Button because she is clearly ageing in reverse.

Halle Berry

Halle Berry has no respect for the laws of physics.


Which celebrity do you think has fared the best?

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