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Silent Hill fan site Silent Hill Memories has uncovered a rare developer pitch for a terrifying-looking game that, criminally, never saw the light of day - and you'll want to see what you've missed out on!

The Silent Hill series is well known for delivering truly terrifying experiences - I can rarely get through more than 20 minutes of gameplay before I have to change my sweat-soaked t-shirt. Though it's always an ordeal, I still can never get enough of Pyramid Head and his band of horrific cohorts, which is why this document for the cancelled 'Silent Hill: Cold Heart' is so darn tantalising!

Besides inspiring frustration at being teased by a game we're likely to never play, the leaked images offer a super interesting glimpse at a project in its early stages of development. Check out what could have been keeping us all awake at night...

'A Deadly Nightmare'

The proposal for the game reads as follows:

A stranded Jessica explores, hoping to find somewhere to stay the night. It soon dawns on her that something is very wrong here - she sees people and things she thought only existed in her head. The town has become a deadly nightmare fuelled by her darkest secrets - a frozen maze full of characters and monsters whose icy hearts know only cruelty and violence.

Although the character names have been changed, the set-up reads a lot like Konami's 2009 survival horror game, Silent Hill: Shattered Memories. It seems this was an early scrapped prototype that eventually evolved into that project.

How it Played

The document touts 'Real psychological terror' and 'The Freezing Horror' as core gameplay features. That certainly sounds like a good old Silent Hill game to me!

The Box We'll Never See

Although this game has been officially canned, perhaps we can still hope for a frighteningly freezing film to be made off the back of the same concept. I'd totally pay to watch Pyramid Head with a Santa hat on!

To see the developer’s full 14-page pitch to Konami, click HERE.


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