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Some corners of the internet lost their proverbial shit recently when Kit Harrington - a.k.a. Game of Thrones' Jon Snow - turned up for a recent premiere sporting a new haircut.

This is the hairdo in question:

Now, I appreciate a good mop as much the next person - and this one is particularly decent - but it's not the style of Kit's new 'do that caused consternation, rather that he's got one at all.

You see, he's got a clause in his contract with HBO stating he can never get a haircut while he's on the show. Like as in never-ever.

So what does his short, back and sides mean for Jon Snow on Game of Thrones?

He's dead!

Well, the most dramatic conclusion to be reached is that Kit has finished filming on Season 5, his character has been killed off and he's now free to do whatever he wants with his luscious locks - which is the conclusion some bloggers have come to.

However, in my opinion, there ain't no way Jon Snow has snuffed it on the show, because *minor spoilers* he's still around in the books... and also, because he's awesome and has a beard.

So why else is the hair short?

He's around less in Season 6

Basically, if the show follows the books, there might be a lot less focus on Jon Snow and more attention showed to some incoming characters. Season 5 is wrapped and I expect Mr. Snow to play a prominent part. But after that, he might take a backseat for a bit and put his feet up. He did almost single-handedly defend the wall from total destruction after all.

But the most realistic reason for the new hair is also the most boring:

His hair will grow back before Season 6 starts filming. Move along, there's nothing to see here.

Like, for real.


What does Kit's new haircut mean?


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