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Umm... are you going to drink that Skooma?
Marlon McDonald

Every year when Christmas comes around, the world is subjected to its tinsel wrapped charms. Chestnuts roast on open fires, all is warm and bright - inside at least; outside kids are lobbing snowballs at each other and the radio plays "I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday." The same old scene every year.

But what about Halloween? Arguably the best day of the year, where people can cut loose, dress horrifically and color themselves in a whole manner of disturbing shades. I love it, so I wonder why it couldn't be Halloween everyday?

With that in mind, and also having an early look for this year's costume, because why not, I've come across a number of creepy, freaky and outright crazy cool makeovers that would send shivers down Pennywise's spine.

Do you dare to scroll below...?

Sewn Lips by kerri54

A photo posted by Kerri McArdle (@kerri54) on

Skin Mask by Sandra Holmbom

Demon Girl by Candy make up artist

Gray's Anatomy by Battledress

Demonic Torture by ClickClickBang

Alien by 29monsters

Spider Woman by kaleighhall

What do you guys think? Pretty creepy and pretty awesome, right? Great effort by all involved. They've certainly helped to make this rainy Friday a little more ghastly!


Which makeover did you find the freakiest?


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