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So I know we're all busting with excitement for[The Vampire Diaries](series:200853) to come back, but unfortunately we have to wait just a little longer (January 22nd to be precise) until our fave vamps are back on screen. Luckily TV Line have got their hot little hands on a first-look photo from the winter premiere and it looks good!

Elena is the only character in the intriguing photo, but she is, importantly, on the phone to someone. This is pretty exciting considering that we know Elena will be desperately trying to escape from Kai after he kidnapped her in the mid-season finale last year.

Take a look at the photo:

Whoever Elena is talking to, the premiere episode for the second half of Season 6 sounds like it will be a doozy! Firstly, we have Caroline trying to find a cure for her mom's terrible cancer diagnosis, and it sounds like Stefan will be helping her and trying to mend their broken relationship along the way.

Bonnie will continue her battle to make her way back to the present, which we know she will eventually manage, and Jeremy will make some major changes, including applying to art school! Finally, Jeremy!

In other witchy news, there will be a Gemini merger happening so Jo, Kai, Luke and Liv all seem to be facing some pretty serious danger right there!

Finally Annie Wersching (from 24) will join the cast as a 'strong, beautiful" woman named Lily. This is in addition to Drew Stephenson being cast as the mysterious Collin for a two episode arc. New characters, I can't wait!

The premiere episodes sounds like it will be awesome, I don't know how I'll make it until the show returns, thankfully we only have to wait a little longer until it's back on screens on The CW on January 22nd!


How are excited are you for The Vampire Diaries to return?

Source: TV Line, screencapped


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