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From the producers of the haunting duo The Conjuring and Annabelle comes the The Atticus Institute, a chilling 1970s romp set at a psychological laboratory in Pennsylvania.

The trailer, with its fixed-camera and pseudo-documentary style, is reminiscent of horror big-shots The Blair Witch Project and Paranormal Activity, only scarier!

It appears the plot will center around the laboratory and an apparent attempt by the U.S. government to commandeer it for its own purposes, i.e. the government will try to weaponize these supernatural demons!

Watch the trailer below:

The Atticus Institute, starring Rya Khilstedt (Dexter) and William Mapother (Lost and The Grudge), is available on demand, DVD, and Blu-ray Jan. 20.


Are you looking forward to 'The Atticus Institute'?


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