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Matt Carter

We've all heard the tales of eager magazine image editors using Photoshop to give their sexy subjects a slimmer waist or smoother skin, but have you ever heard of Photoshop being used to give someone a happy trail?

For those not in the know, a happy trail is the line of hair that runs from below the pant line and up to the bellybutton - a sort of synergy of pubes and bellybutton fluff if you will... And it turns out that Justin Bieber's recent shoot for Calvin Klein featured a happy trail that wasn't totally natural.

This is the official image we all saw, complete with hairy naval and shadowy six-pack:

And this is the Biebs before he was photoshopped within an inch of his life:

As you can see, in real life Bieber's belly is as smooth as an upturned wok and is less six-pack and more flat-pack.

Predictably, Twitter thought the whole thing was hilarious and reacted accordingly:


What do you prefer?


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