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Okay so their has been a lot of controversy over video games and movies, So why not mass effect as you all know its sci-fi and who doesn't like a good sci-fi action thrilling movie. This game is all about saving the galaxy from this synthetic alien race that wants to wipe out all organic life, I mean come on who wouldn't.

now for a mass effect movie they can go both ways male or female so I've picked out some actors and actress's.

males/ commander Shepard

Sean William Scott, now I know what your thinking, why a comedy type guy well look at him he looks military like, got some facial features of commander Shepard and their is some humour funny scenes in the game.

Jake Gyllenhaal, Again military like built but does he have the skill for commander Shepard with humour and stiff like nature of the commanders personality.

Sam Wellington, well here we have a former terminator and well military built actor ready for a sci-fi film again do you guys think he would fit the part of commander Shepard.

Tom Hardy, I don't really know about this guy maybe a yes if he knows how to play the role properly.

females / commander Shepard

Jennifer Lawrence, already a big warrior in her own spotlight she could make it as commander Shepard. I don't have to explain why she would be good for the part.

Kate Upton, big in the Tolkien lore. just saying would middle earth look to the stars for her to be the next big space warrior.

Kristen Stewart, well lets put those vampire teeth to good use out in space with aliens and synthetics ready to kill anyone who stands in their way.

Thandie Newton, sure she might not be a military type space girl but she has the looks for female commander Shepard and looks like she can handle her self in any situation against the stars.

so theirs my actors and actress's for this game I'm a big fan myself for this franchise hoping they make a movie now then i would fall in love for ever give me your thoughts on which actor or actress's would be the best.


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