Byatturs, writer at

Well I must say, they surely did keep to the same old funny and humorous ideas on Archer. Season 6 aired last night and it was as it never left. We all love the humour and ideas that they try to give out and yes the soft racism jokes.

I don't know if people did notice this but there was no mention of the word ISI. Yes we know that they would have to change the name because of the terrorist group in Syria, I just wish they could have made fun about it on the show on why they decided to change the show. Archer is already a grown ups only show and it would have been very funny and so Archer. All and all the show did start on a good note and making its hard core fans wishing it was on for more than an episode a night.

After the cancellation of Brickleberry its only fair that young adults who love animation and matured sire will be gearing on to watching Archer. And as always we just hope that FX never cancel the show up to its pick or something something danger zone as Archer would say.

So what do you think the producers who produces the show have for us this year? Maybe Pam will find a mate or just keep being the same old Pam?


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