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The Lego Movie was a hilarious and welcoming reminder that everything IS indeed awesome, but things might not be looking so dandy for the black-bricked crusader, Batman. You might be surprised to learn that the upcoming sequel, The LEGO Batman Movie, is set to answer the rather solemn question that every fan has likely asked: 'Can Batman be happy?'

MTV recently caught up Will Arnett, who voices Gotham's sullen hero, as well as co-directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller at the National Board of Review Awards, and they had some interesting new details to share about the movie's unexpected direction!

Batman Battles Depression

“No spoilers,” Lord teased. “But I will say I think the movie is really exciting because it’s about ‘Can Batman be happy?’”

I was elated to see that the franchise's next installment features the Dark Knight as its central star, but I didn't expect the movie would explore depths of his character we haven't seen before - in a no doubt hilarious way, of course!

The charming Lord continued, mocking Batman's first world problems:

Wah, I’m so rich and handsome, and women like me, and I’ve got a Maclaren... Something about my parents!

Insane Action Scenes

For those who preferred the impressively intricate and visually stunning car chases in the first movie, don't fret - it's not all gonna be a super serious character exploration.

“The action in it is incredible,” Lord said. Arnett, who's seen some early footage from the project, fervently agreed: “The first bit that I’ve seen was mind-boggling.”

Count me pumped. More Batwing dogfighting please!

'I'm Batman, Wanna Hold My Hand?'

There were many great things about Chris Miller and Phil Lord's comedy masterpiece - Liam Neeson's schizophrenic good cop/bad cop routine and Morgan Freeman's self-mocking narrative voice just to name a few. But my absolute favorite parts have to be the Dark Knight's sidesplitting one-liners!

It'll be great to see a more serious side of his character explored too. Looks like we're in for a real treat come 2017!

Watch the full interview below:


Is it possible for Batman to be happy?

[Source: MTV]


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